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    OVATION produced a hybrid event, the Thing Event, for PTC, a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service the “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the past 18 months PTC has invested over $700 million in the acquisition of six IoT related companies, including Vuforia, the industry’s most advanced and widely adopted augmented reality (AR) technology platform.

    The objective of the Thing Event was to introduce Vuforia’s offering to PTC’s core audience and provide a vision for how augmented reality (AR) can significantly impact the enterprise manufacturing space.

    The real challenge was to:

    • Deliver an event unlike anything PTC has ever done before
    • Gather 10,000 live, global viewers (including key partners, current and prospective customers, analysts, press, and developers)
    • Provide live, use case demonstrations for AR in the enterprise
    • Generate tons of great press, analyst coverage, and social media buzz


    OVATION designed and produced a hybrid event platform featuring a live television broadcast that effectively communicated the desired message to both the live in-venue attendees as well as those viewing online from 132 countries around the world. OVATION leveraged the hotel’s 180-person theater as well as the open floor layout to create an intimate high-touch, immersive live-theater environment for an audience of 360, while at the same time pushing a live stream to over 14,000 viewers online. In order to leverage the theater, OVATION produced the show not once, but twice, strategically doubling the live audience and allowing viewers across time zones more convenient access to the live stream online.

    OVATION installed a 32’ x 13’ LED wall to ensure the highest quality graphic presentations in the theater and leveraged three television grade studio sets reflecting actual working environments for three PTC clients: KTM, Sysmex, and Schneider Electric.  Also built into the space design were five product kiosks as well as room for bars and food for the after party networking session.

    For the viewers in the theater, they witnessed seamless switches from in-room presentations to product demonstrations on-screen, while online viewers saw everything as they would while watching a live television program – seeing content as it was presented, both in the theater and in the demonstrations sets.

    After the show, the space was transformed into a networking reception to allow audience members to mingle amongst themselves, interact with PTC executives, and have an in-depth experience with the innovative technology they had just viewed during the live show – truly experiencing firsthand the world of augmented reality for the enterprise.