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If you handle events for your organization, you face a lot of unknowns—and a lot of pressure. From managing people to planning the event content strategy, to synchronizing lighting, sound, and visuals- putting an engaging corporate event together takes meticulous planning and careful implementation. Without support, executing your event can feel very overwhelming. That’s where OVATION is here to help you.

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Bringing Your Corporate Event Production to Life!

Designing and executing a successful event production can be a complex, all-consuming task. Partnering with OVATION provides you with a reliable team, innovative strategy, and state of the art technology. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we have your back with end-to-end solutions that create an inspiring corporate event that meets all your goals!

An Extension of Your Team

Choosing an event production partner who acts like an extension of your team can help develop and manage your vision to make it a reality.

We give you a team of dreamers, innovators, problem-solvers, and tech geeks that, together will help you create some pretty epic event experiences.

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A Strategy That Works

Strategy isn’t an add-on service, it’s the fuel that drives the event production process. With a strategy focused approach, we can help “simplify the complex” and alleviate the pain and stress felt throughout the development of your professional event for mind blowing experiences that check all the boxes.

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The Right Technology

Whether its virtual, hybrid or in-person, technology continues to be a critical element to the success of every large-scale professional event. The right event technology can make your event easier to plan and manage.

Our proprietary technology will create captivating experiences for your audiences that purposefully engage, enable rich interactivity, and deliver meaningful content.

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Inspire, Create & Execute Your Next Corporate Event

From conception to event content strategy, to creative and onsite management, our dedicated team will help inspire your brand message, create your story, and execute an experiential event experience that delights and WOW’s your audience.

With an imagination for what’s possible, and the experience to know what’s doable, OVATION’s team inspires, enhances, and refines an event leader’s vision, and thoughtfully ensures your corporate event production comes to fruition.

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Event Managers play a key role in the professional events industry, demonstrated through our recent LinkedIn poll of over 4,000 responses and 100 comments. According to these findings, it is evident that an efficient Event Manager needs many skills including knowledge across multiple disciplines for successful event management from beginning to end. To capture this data into actionable insights we’ve created an infographic which highlights all essential qualities necessary for success as an Event Manager!

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Here Are A Few Ways We Can Work Together.

Virtual Event Production

With an interactive virtual event experience, your attendees will be able to engage with your speakers, and your brand, in a whole new way.

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Hybrid Event Production

A hybrid event combines the best of virtual & in-person experiences. We can help you explore new ways to bring people together.

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In-Person Event Production

While in-person events have been halted, they will come back. From user conferences to sales kickoffs, executive meetings, and more – we’ve helped clients like you do it all.

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  • “As a rapidly growing company, we were looking for a team to partner with that could adapt to our needs and be part of our creative process. Ovation executed our vision with creativity and open mindedness, resulting in an event experience that was fluid and brought to life flawlessly. At Immuta, we’re precise about how we want our brand to show up, but we were fully comfortable trusting Ovation with taking the reins to make our vision a reality – that’s a quality you can’t replicate in this industry! We had complete confidence that their team would be able to deliver on our needs and get the job done successfully, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

    Kaleigh Hickey

  • “When we made the decision to move to a fully virtual event, the entire OVATION team remained positive, flexible, and willing to help ensure we put the best plan in place for a successful SKO program. I truly cannot thank you all enough.”

    Audrey Horan
    Executive Producer, Brightcove

  • “Production value separates us from our competitors. We’ve always prided ourselves on that. It was important to create something that was movie quality, Hollywood-esque — the crème de la crème of experience. In order to pull that off, we had to have the right tools, staff, and partners. OVATION helped us drastically level up the quality of this event.”

    Devin Cleary
    Vice President Experiential Marketing, PTC

  • “I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you to your team onsite at Southwest; they were extraordinary to work with. From the suggestion to change the way we tape the program, to the speed at which everything was posted on Dropbox, to how OVATION stepped in to help remedy some significant execution issues during sessions with our mobile app, I can’t thank your team enough.”

    Manager, Pri-Med

  • “I’ve worked with OVATION for the past 10 years. I know them very well and I know they will make things work properly. It was the OVATION team that got us across the finish line smoothly.”

    Doug Hodge
    Executive Producer, PTC

  • “Our company is not a production company so having that experience brought in really helped us. Everyone we worked with at OVATION was dynamite, from the people helping us with video production to the end production on the day of.”

    Jessen Wehrwein
    VP Corporate Communications, Macom

  • “We have been working with Ovation for the past 12 years. Ovation has been with us through many transitions and the natural growth of our company. Ovation is dedicated to our success, suggesting ways for us to keep improving and make us feel as though we are their top client. To know you have a trusted partner to rely on in times of uncertainty, and that makes you look really good, is invaluable.”

    Sr. Manager, Strategic Event Marketing, Allscripts

  • “When OVATION is supporting our events it gives us the confidence to take risks or go the extra mile because we know they will pull it off and make us look fantastic. There are no worries on site when working with OVATION. They take care of everything in production and guide us through the entire experience.”

    Project Manager, PTC

  • “A huge thank you to the entire OVATION team. I deeply appreciate them and everything that they did. They worked really hard and had some long nights and weekends. It didn’t go unnoticed. At one point I called Amanda and Maiah my OVATION angels. They hold a special place in my heart.”

    Anna Giangregorio
    Sr. Digital Marketing & Content Strategy Manager, PTC

  • “I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for your exceptional work over the past two weeks with the Global Awards program. Your creativity and understanding of our program continue to shine through with all of the deliverables. Additionally, you continue to meet our aggressive timelines – which is greatly appreciated!”

    Director, BAI Beacon

  • “KUDOS to your awesome team. Everyone was always so professional, dealt with many changes and pressures from our end, and totally delivered on the original vision we set for the event: with their own unique and high-value-added improvements on it! Thank you so much for a most successful event, technologically and creatively.”

    Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, PTC

  • “OVATION stood out as a great partner. Their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism across the board was instrumental. Pivoting to virtual was such uncharted waters for us and OVATION was able to guide us all along the way.”

    Kelsey Campbell, CMP
    Senior Corporate Events Manager, LogMeIn

  • “Onsite support and coordination of all of the details was outstanding on a consistent basis. Lots of companies know how to sell and plan but don’t deliver at the same level show after show. Thank you for serving as an extension of our team and for all the personal sacrifices made to ensure a successful outcome for my client events. I could not ask for a better partner.”

    Event Services, Association Management Company

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  • Redfin
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  • Redfin
  • Seismic
  • Salesforce
  • Primed
  • NICE
  • Allscripts
  • Bright Cove
  • IHS
  • NetApp
  • Insperity
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