LiveWorx Technology Conference

    Customer Since: 2010

    LiveWorx is the definitive event for digital transformation and marketplace for solutions engineered for a smart, connected world.


    • Reflect the Liveworx brand and embody the theme of the conference: contemporary, forward-thinking and elegant
    • Feature advanced visuals, lighting transitions, and sound design
    • Support an array of on stage, live demos.
    • Create an “in-the-round” environment.
    • Be able to quickly reduce the size of the room from 5,000 attendees to 2,000 attendees to accommodate smaller sessions within the same space.

    The Event

    LiveWorx is the largest industrial technology conference in the world. The client has numerous design and technology requirements, not only for aesthetics, but also for several unique functionalities. First and foremost, the design has to be reflective of the LiveWorx brand — contemporary, forward-thinking and elegant, without being ostentatious or over the top.

    million impressions

    OVATION’s Solution

    Each year OVATION creates an immersive, connected, edifying experience that engages LiveWorx attendees in a world that is breaking down the barriers between physical and digital.

    In 2017 we took our cues from the world of fashion, splitting the hall in half with the audience on either side of a runway deck. This approach accomplished the client’s requirements of an “in-the-round” feeling and the ability to reduce the size of the room in half by adding a drape on one side of the stage and essentially converting the setup into a more traditional layout for smaller sessions.

    The audience entered the general session through a massive laser tunnel — a portal to the future — building suspense and excitement. OVATION positioned the room so that as attendees peered down the tunnel all they could see was a view down the 160’ foot runway stage with a giant “X” structure at the end, creating a powerful first impression.

    At Liveworx 2018 we designed a highly technical opening performance that featured aerialists in LED suits dancing among 660 color-changing LED orbs above the sea of attendees.



    “KUDOS to your awesome team. Everyone was always so professional, dealt with many changes and pressures from our end, and totally delivered on the original vision we set for the event: with their own unique and high-value-added improvements on it! Thank you so much for a most successful event, technologically and creatively.”

    – Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, PTC