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    LiveWorx is the largest industrial technology conference in the world. The client had numerous design and technology requirements, not only for aesthetics, but also for several unique functionalities. First and foremost, the design had to be reflective of the LiveWorx brand, establish the General Session environment as the “place to be” and the design had to be contemporary, forward-thinking and elegant, without being ostentatious and/or over the top. Additionally, OVATION aimed to achieve the below goals:

    • Provide video surface for high quality video and graphics.
    • The design approach needed to evolve organically over the course of the event; leveraging theatrical lighting transitions, sound design and a host of stagecraft dynamics.
    • Support an array of on stage, live demos.
    • The scenic design was both comfortable to LiveWorx array of executive presenters, and pleasing to the eye to the conference’s knowledgeable attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.
    • Create an “in-the-round” environment.
    • Be able to quickly reduce the size of the room from 5,000 attendees to 2,000 attendees to accommodate smaller sessions within the room.


    OVATION created immersive, connected, edifying experience that engaged LiveWorx attendees in a world that was breaking down the barriers between physical and digital.

    Taking its cues from the world of fashion, an alley seating approach split the hall in half, placing the audience on either side of the runway deck, and allowing executive presenters to “walk and talk” instead of just standing behind a podium. This approach accomplished the client’s requirements in several ways:

    – This provided the “in-the-round” feeling.
    – The runway could accommodate the numerous live demos with large products.
    – OVATION could reduce the size of the room in half by adding drape on one side of the stage and essentially converting the setup into a more traditional layout for smaller sessions.
    – By utilizing stadium seating, OVATION reduced the attendees distance from the runway and provide the immersive and intimate experience.

    Before the audience ever sat in the General Session room, they had to walk through a massive laser tunnel. The tunnel connected the expo portion of the event (aka Xtropolis) to the General Session hall. The tunnel was a portal to the future, building suspense and excitement while setting the expectation that something amazing was about to happen.

    As the audience peered down the tunnel, OVATION positioned the room so all they could see was a view down the 160’ foot runway stage with a giant “X” structure at the end. To highlight the event brand further, the end of the runway closest to the Laser Tunnel turned into a ramp that had the LiveWorx event logo embedded and back lit, altogether creating a powerful and immaculate picture of the LiveWorx brand.

    The five projection screens directly above the runway provided a clean and immense video surface, on which OVATION crafted beautiful animations that spanned all five screens.

    OVATION used over 400 Revolution Blade 1260 LED Strips that were embedded along the length of the runway, ran up the X structure, and then spanned the whole length of the room in the air, allowing to create huge sweeping effects and further immersing the audience. Additionally, over 100 other light fixtures were employed to provide theatrical style lighting for speakers, demos and an inimitable opening experience.

    Working with the visionary laser performer Theo Dari, aka LaserMan (the original), robot mad scientist Andy Flessas (AndyRobot), master laser programmer Richard Gonsalves, and the groundbreaking team at PixMob, OVATION created a fully integrated human and robotics laser light show.

    To further engulf the audience in the experience, each attendee was given a PixMob LED wristband. When the LED wristbands were activated, attendees were able to view the crowd opposite of them light up and serve as a massive LED backdrop for the awe-striking onstage performance of Laserman and the robots.

    And finally, in support of the keynote presentation by PTC’s President & CEO, Jim Heppelmann, OVATION mounted two 20w lasers over the stage and projected imagery on the stage where Jim was speaking. This allowed Jim to step in and out of various animations that enabled him to tell his story in a more memorable and compelling manner.

    Please visit our LiveWorx 2017 Infographic here.