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    Dreamforce is the largest software technology conference with over 170,000 people attending nearly 1,500 unique sessions. Plus, 10 million people watch the conference content online. Dreamforce continues to outgrow the venues in San Francisco and needed a more streamlined way to capture session content and distribute it to the growing number of viewers watching online. For the last several years, they have had challenges finding a vendor to manage this massive process and had simplified requirements by only providing an audio recording synced with slides. This year, not only did they want to record the content but they wanted to raise the production quality by adding in video of the presenter/panel to enhance the online viewing experience.


    OVATION was approached as a new partner for the Dreamforce conference. For its first year working on this massive event OVATION’s presentation management technology was used to record HD content in 4 venues across 27 rooms and included 603 sessions.

    In order to deliver on their guaranteed 95% capture success rate, Ovation developed a minimum of two layers of software and hardware redundancy providing both isolated audio, video and graphic source files along with combined versions for immediate editing. All presentations for these sessions were loaded into a single database that was accessed by over 40 technicians, editors, quality control team, project manager as well as the Salesforce client. This allowed for last minute changes to seamlessly be made to not only the presentations but also the lower thirds placed in the file during post production. OVATION’s presentation management technology included the use of robotic cameras and remote monitoring which reduced the amount of labor needed in each room while still maintaining the highest level of production quality.

    OVATION hosted all content in the cloud which allowed for virtual editing while minimizing upload/download times. Editors were available in various time zones around the world to allow for 24hr time efficiencies. Once edited Dreamforce was able to easily approve videos and content then quickly publish it to Vidyard and make available to a larger audience.

    In order to publish recording to Salesforce’s video marketing platform provider Vidyard, OVATION developed a cloud-based service application that utilizes the Vidyard API and fully automates publishing the video as soon as they have been approved.

    The incredible success of this project will enable the content strategy and marketing teams to leverage the high quality recordings in order to execute on previously impossible marketing and sales enablement initiatives. This ultimately provides a clear ROI for the cost incurred to capture the sessions.