Insperity – Annual Sales Conference

    Customer Since: 2012

    Insperity provides HR and Admin services to small to mid-sized businesses.


    • To celebrate the previous year’s successes and kick off the next year’s goals.
    • To reward high performing employees with both experiences, gifts, and awards (including cars, trips, and awesome events during the show!)
    • To provide learning opportunities to help salespeople achieve their goals for the next year.

    The Event

    This annual event is internal for the sales & marketing departments. For the first time this year Insperity entrusted OVATION to manage all décor for the Galaxy expo as well the entire event’s production, creative and technology. So this gave OVATION the ability to bring the “Space” theme into not only the creative content and technology but also other elements of all event functions including the Galaxy Awards Gala, General Session, Breakouts and Digital Signage.

    degree experience
    hrs. saved for client
    session rooms captured

    OVATION’s Solution

    To give the event a completely new feel OVATION designed the room by simply turning the setup 90 degrees from what had been used in previous years. This allowed for the presenter to have a more intimate experience with attendees as they could now see all the way to the back row. This also made the room wider and allowed for a wider screen and eliminated the need for an IMAG. This simple change opened up opportunities for new design elements and made the turnover to the awards night much more efficient. The OVATION team was onsite and prepared to handle onsite additions and presenter support for this new configuration.  OVATION’s experiential technology was used to push a variety of presentations to 5 session rooms.

    OVATION designed an Awards Gala utilizing the “Horizon” theme in a 360 degree experience. The room was transformed by a starfield visual effect, satellite designed seating layout and a space themed audio score. Making it a memorable event for all in attendance.