MDVIP Annual Meeting

    • MDVIP National Meeting

    Customer Since: 2013

    MDVIP is the leader in personalized healthcare with a network of more than 900 primary care physicians across the country who care for more than 300,000 patients. Every other year we help them host a bi-annual kickoff and celebration for employees across all their markets.


    • Reunite attendees and host a celebration
    • Create alignment on business goals
    • Inspire attendees toward future ideas

    The Event

    The vision for our events is a high end family reunion and cookout, celebrating where MDVIP has been, and where they are going in the future.

    OVATION’s Solution

    We had the luxury of focusing solely on the general session and the overall event branding, from the name of the theme, to the look and feel of the creative, to how the brand plays out in the attendee experience. Applications included the main website, event mobile app, badges, physical graphics throughout the space, general session design, a short intro video, PPT templates, and more.

    A goal of our partnership was to find ways to minimize the client’s spend and maximize the impact of their budget through creative solutions. For example, we created an interesting environmental animation instead of a full blown intro video for the event which greatly cut back on costs without sacrificing the first impression for attendees.