MACOM Analyst Day

    Customer Since: 2014

    MACOM is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for wireless infrastructure.


    • Design an event that reflects the company’s elevated position in the market
    • Transform hard facts and data into compelling, message driven presentations that are easy for attendees to consume, as well as attention grabbing and entertaining.

    The Event

    MACOM Analyst Day is a day focused on reporting the company financials as well as showing key stakeholders and investors what MACOM is capable of and where they are headed.

    key C-level executive presentations
    customer videos shot & produced worldwide
    experiences - live, live streaming, and on demand

    OVATION’s Solution

    OVATION guided MACOM from the ideation of their event through the day-of execution, at the historic New York Times building, and post-production. This included creative presentation design, video production, live stream and webcast development, and overall event production. The OVATION creative team transformed MACOM’s financial facts and figures into a creative, unified story. OVATION also walked MACOM through the script writing, filming, editing, and the presenting of six individual customer videos shot around the world. These were used throughout the presentations, helping to convey MACOM’s global presence.

    For those who were unable to attend the event in-person, a live stream was available. The event was also made available for later on-demand use. OVATION brought all of these necessary pieces together to produce an impressive Analyst Day that could be experienced both on site, from afar, and following the event.


    “Our company is not a production company so having that experience brought in really helped us. Everyone we worked with at OVATION was dynamite, from the people helping us with video production to the end production on the day of.”

    – Jessen Wehrwein, Macom VP Corporate Communications