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    This year the international location of Vienna, Austria was selected for ASRS’s annual meeting. Because of the new venue and the overseas location ASRS was challenged on how best to execute an event in an international location using local vendors they were not familiar with.

    Plus, this year ASRS wanted to again utilize the popular Papers on Demand and Film Festival kiosks used last year but continue to evolve the experience to include innovative 3D surgery videos.


    Because of the trusted partnership OVATION was asked to join ASRS in Vienna and manage all aspects of the event production and presentation management. OVATION sourced local vendors to provide audio, video and lighting while streamlining the overall AV budget. OVATION also sourced local labor to operate the General Session under the guidance of OVATION’s Technical Director.

    OVATION’s presentation management platform is always a critical component of this event because of the nature of the video-intensive surgical case content that ASRS offers at this conference. Because of the international venue only a small amount of OVATION’s proprietary webcast stations and a small server were sent. All other gear was sourced locally. OVATION also hired local labor for Speaker Ready Room technicians and trained them to ensure the high level of speaker support OVATION is known for was maintained.

    For the first time this year, ASRS decided to showcase 3D surgery techniques at the conference. ASRS turned to OVATION to design the attendee experience as well as manage all technical aspects.  OVATION created a standing kiosk with a graphic surround and worked with local vendors to secure the 3D equipment. OVATION also provided the doctors specs to follow when creating and submitting their 3D surgery videos. Videos were collected, edited as needed and thoroughly tested prior to the show.  This innovative visual experience was well received by the doctors. The kiosk environment continues to be an interactive way to showcase new surgery technology for ASRS.

    Attendees also stayed up-to-date on any schedule changes in the General Session through a large centralized Digital Signage screen in the exhibit hall.